Goreme is a small town of approx. 2.000 population, it was first inhabited during the Hittite era,
between 1800 and 1200 BC.
Former called Korama gradually turned into Goreme.

Göreme is located between the rock formations “fairy chimney or mushroom valley” 12 kms from Nevşehir and approx. 9 kms from Urgup.
Surrounded by mystic places like:

GOREME OPEN AIR MUSEUM constitutes a valley that is 2 kms away from Goreme, you can get there by just walking from the center. Especially known for carved houses and churches inside these formations, the first Christian settle here after running away from the Romans and found in this area a place where they could profess their religion. Approximately 360 churches and some monasteries have been built in the Goreme Valley, these churches belong to the 10th, 11th and 12th centuries. Among these churches, one of the favourites: Karanlık Kilise or the Dark Church . There are even incredible frescoes inside the cave churches.

Zemi valley or also known as Love Valley,it has stunning rock formations. Can be reached as walk from Göreme.

PASABAG (MONKS VALLEY) close to Zelve. In the way between Goreme and Avanos.

Güllüdere Valley (Red and Rose Valleys ) located between Goreme and Cavusin,
its fairy chimneys change color depending on time of day, it is easy to find vineyards too. You will have a breathtaking view

Pigeon Valley : located between the Goreme and Uchisar, the name comes from the pigeon houses that you will see there. Farmers used to collect the droppings to use as fertilizer

Devrent Valley also known as Imagination Valley:
You can find an outstanding rock that looks like a camel,seals,lions or you can let your imagination run wild and
find different figures.

These stunning natural shapes are the result of volcanic eruption and of erosion caused over the years by natural factors such as rain or strong winds.
World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1985