Avanos is a charming place with cobblestone streets full of pottery shops.
The red river runs through its centre, a great place to relax to walk around.

Avanos is quite different from the surrounding towns.
This is a lovely place with cobbled streets lined with pottery shops

Walking along the riverbank in such a peaceful place fills you with serenity, it’s like stopping the time.
There are several cafés for drinks and snacks.
Some of the larger pottery shop let you to make your own piece and take it home, after paying for it .
I found this experience fascinating ,most of them have their pottery workshop right there.

We can also find a pedestrian suspension bridge crossing the town, with a green park,  places where to sit  or drink something while enjoying the view.

(sitting by the river and feeding the ducks, for example, is a good alternative).
Avanos town is 10 minutes drive from Goreme, the distance is 8 kms.